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SEO, Smartguard, Domain Registration, Web Development, Designing, Smart CRM, Smart Dialer, SmartSoft Switch, SMS Route, Smart HRM, Smart Call Box
SEO, Smartguard, Domain Registration, Web Development, Designing, Smart CRM, Smart Dialer, SmartSoft Switch, SMS Route, Smart HRM, Smart Call Box
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Webdesigning & Development In many instances, an organization's website is the first impression a potential customer has of the organization. Therefore the need to have a clean, organized site is crucial. We specialize in best-in-class website design services which help our clients achieve their business objectives. Based on a comprehensive understanding of our client's needs and expectations, we use creativity and technology to build a unique web presence for them.

We have helped some of the most recognizable brands such as New York Life, Pepsico and Samsung with their online presence. Our highly capable multi-disciplinary team includes web strategists, information architects, web writers, graphic designers, user feedback researchers, and web developers. We blend creativity and technology to deliver engaging sites.

  Content Management System Implementations
Businesses need the ability to manage content on the site to match their dynamic environment. Our CMS implementations give business users direct control of the website, by allowing them to not only manage the content but also the design of the site withouth any technical interference. As a result, businesses can manage one of the most important marketing tools, their website, better.
  eCommerce Websites
Depending on the e-commerce needs of each client, a variety of online store services are offered. These range from simple product catalogs and shopping carts to incorporating features such as online payment, inventory management and order tracking.
  Database Driven Websites
Provides the client with the ability to dynamically deliver content, tailored to meet a specific user, user-type etc. Database driven websites are used to deliver information stored in a database such as customer information, sales related information or any other type of data.
  Technical Skills Skills
Web Design & Development
  HTML DHML, SHTML, XML,CSS JavaScript, Vbscript, ASP, PHP, JSP scripting PHP scripting
  Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Live Motion
2D/3D Flash movies, Quicktime web movies, Real Player web movies
  Macromedia Flash, Adobe Live Motion, 3D Studio Max & Swift 3D for 3D animation
  Adobe Premier, After Effects, Ulead Video Studio, MGI Videowave for Video editing
Sound Forge, Acid, BPM Studio Database MS SQLServer, MySQL, MS Access, SQL
Please contact us if you would like to discuss our web development services in greater detail. We'll be happy to consult.
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