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Configuring SFTP in FTP client

In our servers SFTP has been implemented for security reasons.So to transfer files to our secured servers using different ftp client you must configure SFTP in your ftp software.This can be done by following steps :

  Configuring SFTP Through Filezilla Perform the following steps :
  Step : 1 From the File menu, select Site Manager... . The Site Manager windows displays
  Step : 2 Click the New Site button located in the bottom left corner of the window. A New FTP site icon appears beneath.
  Step : 3 In place of the displayed words New FTP site, type a descriptive name for your new SFTP site profile (e.g., myserver SFTP).
  Step : 4 Click in the Host field, then type the actual host name of the new SFTP site (e.g., yourdomain.com). The Port number will be 2222 on the server.
  Step : 5 In Servertype, click the down arrow and select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  Step : 6 In Servertype, In Logontype, select Normal.
  Step : 7 In Servertype, In the Username and password field , enter username and password of your website.
  Step : 8 In Servertype, Now click Connect. Now you can upload/download files to/from your website securely using SFTP.
  Configuring SFTP Through CuteFTP Perform the following steps :
  In Name type your server Name. (yourdomain.com)
  Host Address : type your server name of IP address(yourdomain.com) port number 2222
  Username : type your username .
  Password : type your password here
  Click Connect.
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